“Because we believe in partnering with our customers, single-sided success was never enough. We actually want to share success with our valuable customers in a long-term win-win relationship. Building a solid company foundation and adding to its success is one of the biggest challenges facing businesses operating in the highly dynamic IT and Telecom sector. HTC is maintaining credibility while expanding in products, people and services is another challenge. HTC was able to excel through these via demonstrating strong commitment, endorsing the right vision and deploying a work force that functioned in harmony to transparently deliver complex solutions to the customers” stated Mr. Rashid Almugait, President of HTC, “teamwork is one conduct HTC are proud of” he added.


HTC has demonstrated a solid commitment to the development of the Telecom Information Technology market and consultancy services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). Its partners, quality products & services that are aimed at long-term relationships with customers have strongly contributed to growing HTC into one of the major providers of total IT Telecom solutions and services in KSA. Furthermore, HTC has developed market confidence through its commitment in terms of financial investment and customer satisfaction. HTC today is among the most reputable and stable Saudi organizations with over 35 engineers & technicians, a total staff of 45 employees and an installed base of more than 150 fully satisfied major customers.